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Aha: "A moment of sudden inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension." When the character realizes or finally understands something he has not known.

We all have the potential to live a meaningful life. If you are here, you probably have decided that the ole' 9-5 ain't gonna cut it. Perhaps you have tried psychedelics and are uncertain of where to go next or feel a 'call' to the Medicine. Perhaps you a have a dis-ease that 'western' medicine can't ease. If this sounds like you, I'm glad you've made it here. I think I speak for everyone when I say we aspire to a life in which our movements, our actions, our thoughts and emotions are responsive and authentic. When we can stick to a routine but are capable of spontaneity. The expectations of our culture, the process of being socialized, the shortcomings of our parents, teachers and friends have confined us to a persona; a character, a faint glow of the brilliant light that we are. However, this is necessary. The work is to make this character more flexible, to make it a fit vehicle through which we can express our heart and soul.  To do this, we must recognize and let go of the strategies that we put into place as children to protect us. To remove the obstacles to receiving and giving love, to embrace fear and FEEL! Feel it all! With our body and breath as guides and tools, we peel back layers of the onion of the self to discover the beliefs that limit us and free the energy that we need to rewrite our story. 

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to carry our traumas and repressed emotions around, but it's all we know. Part of The Work is a process of becoming aware of and feeling through all of our experiences, assimilating the lessons and letting go of the stories we tell ourselves; reclaiming your soul, your energy and feeling safe to feel all of your feelings.

The medicines can help to bring awareness to the root of the patterns that hold us in bondage and help us to release them. But the medicines can only get you so far, the real work begins after the ceremony. We all need some help to keep us accountable and to give us objective feedback. A coach, mentor or therapist is invaluable on the journey back to your Self.

That's where I come in.


"Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Therapeutic Massage

With the body and breath as guides we work to release unprocessed experiences and physical restrictions. 

60 minutes- $65

90 minutes- $88

Plant Medicine


60 minutes- $50 (applies to future services)

Kambo/Sanaga/Tobacco ceremony

60+ minutes- $111

Overnight plant medicine/psychedelic session

Contact for Pricing and Details

Yoga & Qi Gong

Personalized yoga/qi gong class. 

60 minutes- $56 

90 minutes- $77


We go through your enneagram type, big 3 natal chart placements and bio-energetic character structure to develop a karmic map

60 minutes- $111

3 Month & 6 Month Coaching Experience
Contact for Details


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