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My name is Chris. I am pleased and excited that you have found your way to my website. Below I share a little bit of my story... 

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A little about me...

My path has been anything but conventional. In fact, it's been quite messy. It's difficult to know where to begin. I suppose we'll go back to the time that made it clear that I would not walk a "conventional" path in life. 

It was early 2013, I was to graduate from Central Michigan University in the spring with a bachelor's degree in Marketing.

Having recently rediscovered psychedelics, I was in a highly enthusiastic exploratory phase. Reading everything...Tarot, Astrology, Magick, Hermeticism, Carl Jung, Terence Mckenna, etc.

I bought an ounce of mushrooms, with the intention using them myself.

However, I was short on cash. So, I sold them instead.

A couple months later, I came home to a trashed apartment. I had been raided.

I was charged with 7 felonies and possibly looking at serious jail time.

Thankfully, I did very little time. But now I was a multiple felon. This, in my mind, solidified the 'alternative' lifestyle I was to lead.

After a couple years of working mediocre jobs, I sold everything I had, and with my girlfriend headed west. I studied yoga in Seattle and booked my first trip to Peru to drink ayahuasca soon after.

It was profound and beautiful and led me to dedicate myself to healing work. 

The following year, I went to another, longer retreat. And the following year I spent the summer at the Ayahuasca foundation, participating in their last 10-week initiation course. 

After that, my wife and I moved to Ecuador to work at a medicine retreat center. It was here that I began working with Huachuma (San Pedro), sweat lodge and vision quests. Alongside the indigenous wisdom traditions and practices, I have also studied and practiced many of the "western" therapeutic methods from Freud and Jung to Reich and Grof. The understanding of how the practice of psychology has evolved in the "west" has been invaluable for understanding and integrating my medicine experiences and how I go about working with clients. 

Over the years, I have worked with most psychedelics/entheogens/plant medicines and have sat in and facilitated over 100 ceremonies. I continue to travel, drink medicine, hold ceremony, teach yoga and assist people on their journeyI am not a "Shaman."

I am a father, a husband, a friend, a teacher, a student.

I look forward to being a part of your story.

Here's an article that I was featured in...

Here's a podcast I recently did with my friends at the Mystical Heart Collective

Training that I am currently engaged in...

I am a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance.

I have certifications in NLP and Hypnotherapy. 

Simply put, I am here to experience life to its fullest and assist others in doing the same. Therefore, I work with each person in a unique way based on where they are in their journey. 

Look out for Sincere Seven of the Psychonaut Academy of Detroit and I on National Geographic hosting an Ayahuasca Ceremony release date early next year.



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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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