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Chris is an exceptionally gifted individual and has his own unique way of teaching. I've been working directly with Chris for 3 years now and I have personally found that his methods and spiritual applications work when you apply them over a long period of time. His workshops show you the ways in which you can use the same spiritual tools he has used to transform trauma into a purposeful and fulfilling life. He has helped me do the same for myself. If you are reading this, it isn't by chance. Chris is the person you are looking for. He will help you move through your blockages, hang ups and set backs. Trust the process and enjoy the ride.

- Jonah Cascio

Chris is a teacher and healer with a wide range of knowledge in natural healing modalities. I am grateful for his insight and devotion to working with others to have a better way of life. 

Thank you Chris.

-Karol Mallon

Chris and Briell's workshop is such a great experience. I felt so amazing afterwards and I could not stop smiling all day. I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Just their presence puts your mind at ease. Everything that we did from the cold plunge, qi gong, learning about different medicines, feasting and so much more was incredible. Thank you for enlightening me with you knowledge. I learned so much.


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